For a few years now, you have been playing in the Mon Petit Gazon leagues with your friends on which you ride day after day. The MPG game no longer holds any secrets for you, as do the leagues in which you evolve as a connoisseur. I suggest you to improve your football experience both “technical and tactical” by betting a few euros on matches to make your PEL grow. Not without some advice, I decipher below the method of bettors to try to win big and the different pitfalls to avoid to bet more serenely on sports betting sites.

The basic principles for betting on a football match:

Basic principle

First principle well known to bettors and that few take into account during their first attempt, betting a sum of money on a match is not like playing My Little Turf. On the MPG game, you face opponents in your league day after day. During a bet, your only opponent is the bookmaker who is in charge of setting the odds for the different matches.

This is a fundamental principle because many players play “against” the opposing team of the team on which they are betting, not against the bookmarker who hopes that many players will let their emotions take over the real analysis that must be done. Feelings in bet is like on the field, it is necessary to leave them in the cloakroom under penalty of a descent into hell. Although the element of emotion is always a minimum in a player’s decision making, the best advice is to avoid betting on your favorite team(s).


Types of bets

Single, combined, handicap or even boosted odds, there is no shortage of types of bets today to attract players but beware of the plurality of choices that can lose a player in a sea of possibilities.

Simple Bet

Simple and basic, it is the most famous type of bet and the first that comes to mind. The player chooses a match that interests him and relies on this one and only match. On this bet, the player must base himself on a score of 1.30 minimum for the game to be worth it and hope to win a satisfactory sum by betting on victory or a draw. This type of bet usually requires the player to bet a larger amount in order to increase his potential win. So be careful not to fall in case of a surprise on a game that is supposed to be safe!

To increase the odds, the different types of sports betting have launched in recent years a multitude of choices in single bets, with riskier bets on the course of the match but whose odds are also more interesting (between 2 and 5 on average). More difficult to win, these simple bets require a detailed analysis of the teams’ play (scorers, compositions, current form) but above all they offer alternative solutions in the event that the player is unsure of the outcome of a match.

Combined Betting

Betting small to try to win big is the objective of players playing in combined betting. The idea is to bet on victory or a draw in several games, hoping that the planets will line up that night and allow you to win your potential prize. By predicting on several encounters, you multiply the odds together for a most juicy final odds and therefore a potential gain necessarily more interesting, often for a relatively low stake. The risk is therefore limited for the player in terms of loss but be careful, only one mistake on a match and your combined ends up in the trash. Obviously, limited risk, increased difficulty!

The 2 of 3 system

Another type of bet used to limit the breakage in case of error is the 2 out of 3 method. This technique consists in betting on 3 different games with the possibility of crashing once while keeping the possibility of pocketing your winnings. This strategy is relatively popular with large bettors because it allows them to combine a combined bet (low risk, high potential gains) while further limiting the possibility of making mistakes. With a detailed analysis of the matches and by taking bets on favorite teams, the player covers himself with a possible surprise during a match but must still get 2 good results out of 3 to pocket his winnings.


The live method

Since the dematerialization of betting and the possibility of betting on the Internet, the live method is more and more common for bettors. Not a type of bet in itself, this technique is however to be highlighted and therefore consists in betting during a match, depending on the course of the match. For example, in the event that a match is relatively close in the 75th minute, the player will place a bet on a possible goal between the 75th and 90th minutes. What may look like a poker move is also well rewarded by bookmakers since the odds are usually higher on live betting. If you like to identify the scenarios of your favorite series and you are a little visionary, this method can please you.

Reflection before action

Before you go out and do some crazy things to make a big profit, I would like to tell you again the importance of setting emotions aside, prepare yourself to make predictions, even if it means pretending to be a mercenary with your friends by betting on a rival team. To compensate for the absence of your emotions, you will have to remain very factual based on reliable data that you will have collected beforehand. So what are the elements to consider before you make a decision to put all the chances on your side?

a/ The form of the teams

Obviously the most important criterion to consider is the shape of the teams competing in the match and the opportunities available. What is the current series of the two teams? What is the ranking of these teams? An analysis of the last five games in progress is generally a good reflection of current performance.

b/ Team composition during the big night

We all know the bettor’s publicity when he realizes that the star player is finally absent from the game sheet after he has already predicted the match. Too bad, but if you do your job right, it can’t happen! Composition is a key factor in your decision making since the forces in force allow you to determine which team will win the match or whether you prefer a draw. In any case, it is not useful to place bets too early, it is better to wait for the official compositions generally made public 1 hour before the match.

c/ The date of the match

The date of the match is also a criterion to be taken into account in the analysis. Indeed, it can strongly influence the results for several reasons:

Early season game: as the teams are still in the process of breaking in, there can be many surprises and large, high value teams regularly lose points at this time of year. On the other hand, a team that has been in preparation for three months and has changed little has kept its automatic skills and may prove stronger in the first few games.

The beauty of European cups: the matches before and after the European cups are also to be watched. Depending on the timing, a team can relax after a big European match or simply have the lead in that big match if it happens in the next few days. Be careful, therefore, about the energy spent on these cuts, which clubs make a priority objective.

The end of the season: predicting matches at the end of the year can be a double-edged sword depending on the remaining objectives of the teams on which you want to place your pawns. You will therefore need to know the deadlines of the teams competing and avoid betting on a game without stakes.


The weather

Although difficult to anticipate, weather is the latest variant of the notable elements to be analyzed. Weather has a direct influence on the strategy of teams, which may be more comfortable playing in the sun or in driving rain. For example, a team that prefers an offensive style of play will appreciate a smooth field, favoured by good weather. On the other hand, driving rain will give a greasy and heavy ground that does not allow an offensive play on the ground to be advocated. You will have understood it, a little check on the French weather section never hurts and you will avoid some bad surprises.

You are now ready to try your luck in the big league and hope to win money through sports prognoses. To welcome you and lure you into their net, some sites offer welcome bonuses to get you used to it without losing money.

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